The Colour Blue

Who: Haley

What: 1960s dress

Where: The Aquarium Vintage Shop, Northcote, Melbourne

Behind Blue


Cerulean blue is a colour that is often associated with grief and loss. It can also evoke a sense of peace, which is why the UN chose cerulean blue as the colour of their logo after World War II - it is the opposite to red, the colour of war. Blue has a spiritual meaning for many people. Hindu gods are frequently portrayed with blue coloured skin to symbolise their closeness to God. Cerulean blue was also the very last paint that Pablo Picasso ordered before he passed away.

Blue is unique in that we all have a special receptor that perceives blue light, even if we are blind. Perception of blue is very important as the colour is in its highest concentration in early daylight, and therefore its perception helps set our circadian rhythm. So blue maybe associated with grief and loss but there is something pretty special about a colour that plays such an important role in our day to day lives.

Story Behind the Garment


This story was written by Haley...

Betty Blue.

A name Betty's pop gave her at the age of 5. It was a time in her life where she was smitten with anything blue. Whether it was aqua coloured treasure found on the beach, a cake swirled with blue icing or the clear azure sky on a hot summers day - she could stare at the colour blue for ever.

Over the years growing up, Betty lost her love and obsession for blue. Distracted by mustards and chocolate browns of the 1970's, she was content following the trends that clashed with her beautiful ice blue eyes.

Whilst having a family dinner one night to celebrate her 21st birthday, her pop pulled her aside to discreetly pass on a birthday present. It was a neat box tied with a lush blue ribbon. As Betty opened the box and pulled back the tissue paper, a beautiful blue paisley fabric appeared.

It was a little blue dress. It was a dress that triggered nostalgic memories from her childhood, the type of memories that bring the smell of sea breeze, the taste of a sweet cake and the feeling of summer days that never end.


Cotton and Woolley xx

 Illustration by Cotton

Illustration by Cotton